Voter Registration

MaryAnn Hudson-Voter Registration   Mary Ann Hudson
Voter Registration Director

The function of the Voter Registration
Department is to facilitate voter registration, properly maintain voter registration records, conduct fair and impartial elections in accordance with state and federal law, and protect the integrity of the election process.

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Board Meetings
Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Voter Registration office located in the County Administration Building, 101 N. Main St.
For December Only, The Next Meeting will be on the first Thursday which is December 7th, 2023.

Candidate Filing
To stay up to date on Candidate Filing, visit 

For the 2024 Presidential Preference Primaries ONLY, the polling locations for some precincts may be combined with others as allowed by law. The polls will be open on election day from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. 

Click HERE to view the designated polling locations. 

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Absentee Voting
For more info on absentee voting procedures click here.

Reminder! Absentee Applications can no longer be requested by email.
You may request by phone, mail, or in person at your county elections office.

Online Registration
Register here. To complete, you’ll need a valid SC driver's license or identification card.
You must be registered one month prior to election day to vote. 

Moving or changing your name?
If you move or change your name, you should update your registration immediately or at least 30 days prior to any upcoming election.

You can check your registration at and make the necessary changes or stop by the Lancaster County Voter Registration office located in the County Administration Building.

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Want to help with the election?

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