Public Safety Communications

Robert Purser-Public Safety Communications Director   Robert Purser
Public Safety Communications Director

Who We Are...

The Lancaster County Emergency Communications Center serves as the primary dispatch center for all public safety entities in Lancaster County. Our goal is to develop a professional, highly skilled team of Telecommunicators dedicated to a career of service with Lancaster County.  This can be accomplished by generating employees who are proficient in each of the disciplines served: Police, Fire, and EMS.  Telecommunicators must process incoming emergency calls in 60 seconds or less in order for those dispatching to meet the National Standard.  Communications Administration provides the necessary equipment, policies, procedures, environment, motivation, training and compensation to promote employee retention.  Our immediate goal of improved retention rates are best served by providing employees with career advancement opportunities, training, extended roles and responsibilities, and compensation that encourages long term employment. 

Mission Statement

Lancaster County Public Safety Communications serves as the vital link between the citizens and public safety agencies of Lancaster County.  We strive to collect and disseminate all requests for service in a prompt, courteous, and efficient manner for all of our customers. Through our actions, we help save lives, protect property and assist the public in their time of need.

Call Center Statistics

Year Total Calls Received Total Non-Emergency Calls Total911 Calls Wireless911 Calls Landline911 Calls
2014 183,760 139,876 43,884 35,986 7,381
2015 201,534 150,109 51,425 42,734 8,003
2016 206,897 154,298 52,569 43,292 8,180
2017 196,946 147,718 49,228 40,912 7,529

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