Magistrate's Court

The mission of the Magistrate Court is to provide the citizens of Lancaster County with a fair and impartial Summary Court.  The four magistrates perform the following: 

  • Issue criminal arrest and search warrants
  • Conduct bail bond hearings twice daily at 9:30 and 2:30.
  • Conduct preliminary hearings for General Sessions level cases
  • Conduct jury trials for all magistrate level cases
  • Conduct criminal bench trials
  • Conduct traffic bench trials
  • Conduct civil bench trials
  • A magistrate may impose a fine of $ 500.00 plus assessments  and/or a jail sentence of up to a 30 days. The civil jurisdiction is $7500.00.

Courtroom Rules and Attire

  • The courtroom is a place of dignity and respect for our judicial process.  Please treat it as such by dressing appropriately.  
  • No shorts, hats, tank tops, offensive t-shirts, flip flops or sweatsuits.
  • No Cellphones allowed. 
  • No talking or disruptive behavior.
Violators may be held in contempt of court and subject to sanctions.

This is the official page of Lancaster County Centralized Magistrate Court.  Any other web page may not have accurate information.  

Online Ticket Payment
Payments should be made no less than 24 hours before your scheduled court date and time. Your mandatory court appearance is still required for certain charges (see blue copy of ticket).

Presiding Magistrate Judges
Curtisha Ingram-Chief Magistrate
Curtisha M. Ingram
Chief Magistrate
Fredrick A. Thomas
Associate Chief Magistrate
Van K. Richardson 
Magistrate Judge
Douglas M. Vecchio 
Magistrate Judge