Human Resources


  • Responsible for recruiting new employees for vacant positions, managing training, benefit, and classification/compensation programs for existing Lancaster County Employees.
  • Manage benefits programs for employees (i.e., medical, dental, life, and long-term disability insurance coverages; S.C. Retirement, S.C. Deferred Compensation et al. )
  • Implement and maintain employee sick/vacation/holiday and compensatory leave policies.
  • Manage and oversee implementation of Federal laws governing Family & Medical Leave
  • Manage a classification/compensation program for employees providing job descriptions and appropriate pay levels based on skill and educational requirements.
  • Manage an employee training program to which employees gain information to improve their technical and conceptual skills to improve their overall performance.
  • Assist employees and retirees as needed.

This office does not

  • Make hiring decisions regarding employment vacancies. Department heads have that responsibility.  HR does perform necessary background checks and monitors new hire drug screen procedures.
  • Do not discuss individual medical information with providers or employees due to Federal HIPPA privacy laws.


Office Information

Lisa Robinson, 

(803) 416-9306 Phone
(877) 636-7984 Fax

Melissa Fraunfelter,
Human Resource/Risk Management Coordinator
(803) 416-9423 Phone
(877) 636-7984 Fax