Fleet Maintenance

Vehicle and Equipment Acquisition, Outfitting and Disposal


"The Crew"
Fleet Services provides the Purchasing Department with all vehicle and equipment specifications and possible vendors. The department checks all vehicle and equipment bids and assists departments in bid decisions.

We also inspect & ensure that the vehicles and equipment meet specifications at the time of delivery. Fleet Services outfits all vehicles and equipment with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and affixes County seals. 

After the useful life of vehicles or equipment, all radios, lights, safety equipment, and signage are removed. Vehicles are then prepared and sold at auction on www.govdeals.com or http://govworldauctions.com/


Fleet Services provides safe, high-quality, low-cost repairs and preventive maintenance for all Lancaster County vehicles and equipment. This department also maintains 24-hour minor repair services for EMS and Sheriff's Department vehicles to minimize downtime. Fleet Services delivers fuel for equipment and generators. We are responsible for vehicle and equipment specifications, acquisitions, outfitting, and disposal for the County.


  • 6,000 square-foot shop
  • Performed over 725 preventive maintenance services
  • Implemented monthly preventive maintenance reminders
  • Performed over 1,340 repairs this fiscal year and 2,007 last fiscal year.
  • Service trucks have delivered over 10,400 gallons of fuel and have made over 500 repairs in the field



Maintenance Staff
Brandon Elliot Director
Josh Alford Mechanic II
Michael McGuirt Mechanic II
Luke Conner Mechanic II
Jay Stevens Mechanic II
Troy Benson Fuel Truck Operator
Jamey Kirkley Inventory Control Clerk
Charity Trout Administrative Assistant


Lancaster County Vehicle Maintenance Shop