Fire Commission

The Lancaster County Fire Commission shall establish, recognize, coordinate and direct fire departments and the activities of fire departments in the county on a county level.  All matters related to fire protection shall first be submitted to the Commission for consideration and may then be presented to Council by the Commission.  

Authority: Ordinance #246 adopted by the Lancaster County Council on 7/25/94; Ordinance #501 adopted 8/26/2002; Ordinance #936 adopted 8/11/2008; Ordinance #993 adopted 9/14/2009; Ordinance #1033 adopted 5/24/2010; and Ordinance #1663 adopted 6/23/2020.

Governing Body: The Lancaster County Fire Commission is composed of 19 members appointed by the Lancaster County Council representing the 18 volunteer fire departments and one from the City of Lancaster.

Term of Office: 4-year staggered terms.

Staff Liaison: Darren Player, Director; Keith Wilson, Deputy Director;  Britt Blackmon, Training Coordinator, Billy Lloyd, Equipment & Apparatus Officer, Anne Marshall, Administrative Assistant - 803-283-8888

Meetings: 1st Thursday of each month, in the Lancaster County Emergency Operations Center/Fire Rescue Office, 111 Covenant Place, Lancaster South Carolina at 7:00 p.m. 

 Charles Eric Flynn Antioch 6/30/2027
 Timothy Baker Bell Town 6/30/2024
 William Morris Buford 6/30/2026
 Kenneth Walters Camp Creek 6/30/2024
 Mark S. Carnes Van Wyck 6/30/2027
 Brooks Faulkenberry Elgin 6/30/2024
 Ronald A. Schachtner, II Flat Creek 6/30/2027
 Terrence E. Ward Gooches 6/30/2027
 Matthew D. Harris Heath Springs 6/30/2027
 Christopher Miller Indian Land 6/30/2026
 Charles P. Derrick Kershaw 6/30/2025
 Thomas Lever Lancaster 6/30/2026
 Charles J. Addison McDonald Green 6/30/2024
 Gregory Nicholson Pleasant Valley 6/30/2024
 Stacy L. Roberts Rich Hill 6/30/2025
 Christopher S. Gardner Riverside 6/30/2025
 Samuel W.  Plyler Shiloh Zion 6/30/2025
 Marvin Catoe Tradesville 6/30/2026
 Kelsi Lang Unity 6/30/2026
 Darren Player Director  
 Keith Wilson Deputy Director  

Agendas and Minutes