Airport Advisory Committee

The Lancaster County Airport Advisory Committee administers the handling of all matters affecting airports and establishes rules, policies, plans and procedures for the Lancaster County Airport.

Authority: Established by the South Carolina General Assembly by Act #106 of 1965. Ordinance 2020-1646 adopted by the Lancaster County Council on 02/24/2020.

Governing Body: The Lancaster County Airport Advisory Committee is composed of 7 members representing the 7 County Council Districts. Residency in the council member’s district is not required.

Term of Office: 4-year terms. Members may serve 2 consecutive terms.

Meetings: No less than every quarter or as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Committee Chairman or the Airport Manager. 

Committee Members
Robert Ziembicki District 1 06/30/2025
Hal Crenshaw District 2 06/30/2023
Christina Barnes District 3 6/30/2025
Marshall Walker Jr.  District 4 6/30/2023
  District 5 06/30/2025
Michael Brian Elliott District 6 06/30/2023
  District 7 06/30/2025
Paul Moses (Secretary) Airport Manager  

Agendas and Minutes