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As many Sun City residents already know from personal experience, Lancaster County EMS provides us with outstanding emergency medical care. In 2021, LCEMS’s 105 employees responded to over 18,000 calls, including over 2,000 in the greater Sun City area.

An Award-winning EMS
What you may not know is that LCEMS has won many state and regional awards, participated in the SC Paramedic competition finals ten times,
and competed in national events against some of the largest EMS services in the country. They have won State of South Carolina Paramedic of the Year, Emergency Medical Technician Advanced of the Year, Emergency Medical Technician Basic of the Year, Director of the Year, System of the Year, and Public Information of the Year awards. Their Honor Guard provides formal funeral services for fallen police, firemen and EMS personnel anywhere in the state. Their STAR and Bike Teams respond at events where an ambulance would not be able to maneuver. To perform at these high levels requires frequent training and re-certification to keep up with the latest methods and procedures, and regular testing of all equipment to make sure it is fully functional whenever needed. Clearly Lancaster County EMS first responders take their life-saving skills very seriously.

How We Can Help Them Help Us
Given the effort they put into providing us the best possible service, what can we do to help them help us? At the December Neighborhood
Watch Club meeting, Lancaster County EMS Special Operations/First Responder Coordinator Greg Brasington had some suggestions. First and foremost, prepare an emergency medical document listing your name, address, phone number, emergency contacts, physicians, medical conditions, prescription drugs and medical insurance. Place copies in your purse or wallet and in your cars’ glove boxes, and have one readily accessible at home, perhaps taped to the refrigerator. Consider providing a “My 911” form to the Sheriff ’s Office so that dispatchers
can relay your emergency information to first responders when needed. Be aware that, if time is of the essence, it is probably best to call 911
rather than drive your loved one to the hospital. Paramedics will begin immediately providing care at your location or in the ambulance before
arriving at the hospital. If you are following the ambulance to the hospital, take your time – do not speed or run traffic lights. The most important thing is that you get to the hospital safely.Perhaps make a list of the area hospitals and drive to each one so you are familiar with the route in the event of an emergency. One last point Greg made: if in doubt, call 911. If you think it might be a heart attack or stroke, don’t wait.
Lancaster County EMS can be there within minutes to assess the situation, determine the appropriate response, and possibly save a life.
Submitted by Donna Hopwood

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