Purchasing Cards

Limited to purchases below $2,500.00: The purpose of the Purchasing Card Program is to streamline the process of small dollar purchases that do not require supporting quotes from multiple vendors.  These purchases should all be preapproved by respective Department Heads.  Funding and account allocation should also be identified and authorized prior to purchases.

The full P-Card Policy can be found for your review at: Lancaster County Purchasing Card Policy

P-Card Purchase:

  • Transaction is completed and cardholder is issued a detailed receipt documenting description of items purchased, time, place, and amount charged to card. Add any notes detailing reasons for purchase in the comment section of Works (will pop up when signing off on a transaction).
  • Transactions are to be approved by cardholder and subsequently by department head approver by 12:00 pm on the 1st business day of each month online at: https://payment2.works.com/works/
  • Uploaded receipts and authorized account allocations are required at time of approval/sign off. 
  • Missing Receipt Form:  Please use this form in lieu of a missing receipt. Once you complete the form and electronically sign, a copy will automatically go to Procurement for approval (there is no need to print a hard copy and submit copy).
  • Emergency Procurement Justification Form: Designed to assist Lancaster County personnel in providing the necessary information for processing and documenting any emergency related procurement of goods and/or services in the event of a public safety/emergency scenario.  Please complete this form and forward a copy to County Procurement.

Prohibited P-Card Purchases:

  • Electronics, including but not limited to: Phones, Computers, Tablets, and accessories      
  • Personal purchases of any kind
  • Cash advances, gift cards, calling cards, prepaid cards of any kind
  • Entertainment, alcohol, tobacco
  • Fuel/gasoline
  • Food- (Unless for meeting, which agenda and/or minutes must be submitted)
  • Services conducted on Lancaster County owned property.
  • Flower arrangements
  • Professional services
Note: Meals while traveling on official County business are paid for using per diem funds requested through Finance Department, and not on the P-Card.

Purchase Card Requests: Departments wishing to issue a new card to an employee within their department, request limit changes, name changes on card, reset Works password, or to terminate or suspend a card must complete the PURCHASE CARD REQUEST/MAINTENANCE.

DISPUTE A CHARGE:  To dispute a charge, first contact the vendor for issue resolution.  If unable to directly resolve with the vendor, please log into Works program and click ‘dispute charge’ option from the transaction drop down located on the transaction sign-off screen.