Purchase Orders

Purchases exceeding $2,500.00 but less than $25,000.00: Written quotes must be solicited from at least three sources. 

A Purchase Order Requisition and the written quotes or exemption forms must be submitted to Central Procurement.

Requisitioning Process:  A purchase order requisition along with supporting quotes, or exemption form must be submitted to the Procurement Office where the purchase order is created and sent back to end user where the product or service is ordered.    If your department is a Smart Fusion client, see Lancaster County Smart Fusion Requisitioning Manual for step by step instructions to submitting a requisition; all other departments submit requisition on the Purchase Order Requisition Vendor must be on the Active Vendor List, otherwise the Requisition will not be accepted.

Sourcing:Departments that need help finding sources or quotations can engage the Procurement department for help by completing a Sourcing Request Form

Technology Purchases: All technology purchases are coordinated with IT Department.  Departments wishing to purchase technology including: computer hardware, printers, audio visual equipment, servers, computer software; must submit their requests through the IT Director.

Edit Purchase Order:Departments wishing to edit an existing PO or make any changes regarding account numbers, quantities or dollar amounts must do so through an Edit Purchase Order Request Form (located here and on the Procurement page of the Lancaster County website).