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Purchasing Procedures  

Lancaster County uses a three tiered procurement system for county agencies and departments.  Agencies and departments have direct authority to make purchases at or below a $2,500.00 dollar threshold. Above that threshold, purchases are conducted under the authority of a central procurement office that serves all county agencies and departments while adhering to the Lancaster County Procurement Code and Policies.

I.  Purchases Below $25,000.00 

  • Purchases not exceeding $2,500.00 may be made without soliciting competitive quotations, but the prices must be considered reasonable and allowable. 
  • Purchases exceeding $2,500.00 but below $25,000 require written quotes solicited from at least three sources.  A Purchase Order Requisition and the written quotes must be submitted to Central Procurement.

II.  Purchases Exceeding $25,000.00  

Departments wishing to purchase products or services exceeding $25,000.00 dollars will initiate the procurement by contacting the Procurement Office. The Procurement Officer will work with the Department Head to explore options to insure a legal and ethical acquisition. 

Vehicle Purchases:  All vehicle purchases are coordinated with the Fleet Maintenance Department.  Departments wishing to purchase vehicles must submit a Vehicle Purchase Request Form.

Procurement Process FlowChart