2022/2023 Registration Fees, Dates, Etc.

Youth Sports Registration Fees Registration Date  Ages Age Control Dates All-Star Sponsorship Fees (Bronze Level)
*Call for other levels*
Youth Baseball TBA Early January  Boys 7-12 May 1st of Playing Year N/A $300.00
Dixie Softball TBA Early January Girls 7-12 August 1st       $40 $300.00
Spring Soccer TBA Early January Boys & Girls 5-13 September 1st   N/A $300.00
4yr Old Soccer          TBA Early January Boys & Girls 4 September 1st N/A  N/A
Dixie Sweetees Softball TBA Early January  Girls 4-6 August 1st N/A $300.00 
T-Ball - Boys TBA Early January Boys 4-6   May 1st N/A $300.00
Swing League TBA Early January  Boys 5-6  May 1st N/A $300.00
Swim Team $80.00 Early April  Boys & Girls 5-18  June 1st  Varies $300.00
Swim Lessons $50.00  Early May Boys & Girls 3-18      
Youth Volleyball  $75.00  Early July  Girls 7-12  September 1st  $40  $300.00
Fall Soccer-Instructional $70.00 Early July  Boys & Girls 4 September 1st  N/A N/A
Fall Soccer $80.00 Early July  Boys & Girls 5-13 September 1st $40 $300.00
Tackle Football $100.00 Early July Boys  September 1st $40 $300.00
Cheer (Football Only) $50.00 Early July Girls 7-12 September 1st N/A  
Flag Football                                 $75.00  Early July   September 1st    $300.00
Basketball (Boys)                 TBA  Late Sept Boys 5-12 September 1st $40 $300.00
Basketball (Girls) TBA  Late Sept Girls 5-12 September 1st $40 $300.00


Registration Fees- Adult Sports

Sport Ages Registration Fee
Adult Men’s Basketball 18 & up $40 per person
Adult Co-Ed Kickball 16 & up $30 per person
Adult Co-Ed Soccer 18 & up $40 per person
Adult Co-Ed Softball 16 & up $50 per person
Adult Men’s Softball 16 & up $50 per person
Adult Co-Ed Volleyball 16 & up $30 per person
Adult Basketball
Season Dates                          June-July 
Organizational Meetings          Mid May
Adult Kickball
Season Dates                          Season Starts May 21, 2022
Organizational Meetings           
Adult Soccer
Season Dates                          May-June           
Organization Meetings             3rd week of April
Adult Softball
Season Dates                           May-June
Organizational Meetings           End of May, 1st of June
*Games are played at Buford Recreation Complex and Walnut Creek

Adult Volleyball
Season Dates                          August- September           
Organization Meetings            1st week of August