Fire Marshal


The Fire Marshal is the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for all Fire Code and related code issues.  He reviews plans for new commercial buildings as well as for new subdivisions.  For commercial buildings, he conducts inspections at various times throughout the construction process and performs  acceptance inspections of fire and life safety systems once the building is complete. As subdivisions are built, he insures that emergency access is maintained, and he inspects the location and serviceability of fire hydrants. He is the administrator of the Knox Rapid Entry Program.  He coordinates meetings of the Fire Code Board of Appeals as needed.  The Fire Marshal and his designee's enforce the county's open burning ordinance by educating, warning, and ticketing those that fail to obey the rules of the ordinance.  The Fire Marshal also is the Public Information Officer for the County Fire Service. 

SC State Fire Marshal's Website

SC Fire Marshal's Association

Certification & Education

  • BS- Fire Science
  • ICC Fire Inspector II
  • ICC Fire Plans Examiner
  • IFSAC Fire Officer II
  • IFSAC Fire Instructor I
  • IFSAC Fire and Life Safety Educator
  • IFSAC Firefighter II
  • IFSAC Hazardous Materials Incident Command
  • IFSAC Driver Operator
  • IAAI Fire Investigation Technician

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