{740E52B8-8A19-4200-8BA7-A7910654BC49}The Apparatus and Equipment Maintenance Officer is responsible for responding to all structure fires and Haz-mat calls, to assist with the mitigation of the situation in what ever means designated by the incident commander, along with his/her normal every day duties.  The officer is responsible for maintaining records on fire apparatus and equipment using the Firehouse database to include inventory, maintenance dates, repairs needed, inspection dates etc.  The officer will contact vendors for repair or inspection of equipment to set-up appointment and insure that the maintenance or repairs are completed.  The officer works with the Director and Assistant Director to prepare for ISO inspections/evaluations for all Lancaster County Fire Departments.  The Apparatus and Equipment officer is responsible for performing a monthly checklist, noting any problems or damage to equipment, and repairing the equipment and apparatus if possible when the problems are found.  This officer is also responsible for all electronic equipment used by the Lancaster County Fire Service and Lancaster County Emergency Management to include maintenance, up-keep, and administration of the Equipment Pierce Pump Housing including the security/alarm system.  
This person will also perform preventative maintenance on all equipment and apparatus with in their abilities, if they can’t perform the maintenance they are responsible for notifying a vendor and arrange that the maintenance be performed.  The officer will act as a liaison between the Apparatus and Equipment review committee and the Lancaster County Fire Service office.  Participate in Lancaster County Fire Service, Lancaster County Emergency Management, and County sponsored drills and events.  Assist with the Lancaster County Fire Service and Lancaster County Emergency Management Websites.  Attend staff meetings.  The officer will be responsible for the maintenance and up-keep of back-up generators.  Assist with the acquisition of new equipment.  Other responsibilities assigned on an as needed basis by the Director or Assistant Director of Lancaster County Fire Service.


Contact Information


Billy Lloyd
Apparatus & Equipment Officer

111 Covenant Place
PO Box 1809
Lancaster SC 29721

Office : 803-313-8054
Cell : 803-320-3442

Certification Information