2021-23 UDO Update


Lancaster County adopted its current Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) on November 28, 2016. Since its adoption, County staff and the development community have identified various issues within the UDO and, while some problems have been addressed during this time, many remain. Concurrently, the County will be initiating the development of a new Comprehensive Plan in FY 2021-22 and cannot wait on the development and adoption of this Comprehensive Plan to address the persisting concerns within the UDO.

Accordingly, in March 2021, Lancaster County sought out the services of a qualified professional consultant to prepare a Diagnosis/Assessment Report of its current UDO and to assist with the subsequent update of the UDO based upon the Report. 

The County envisions this as a two-phase project. Phase One will consist of developing the Diagnosis/Assessment Report. In light of the focused nature of this project, public engagement would be limited to key stakeholders (i.e., Chamber of Commerce, Planning Commission, select developers, and design professionals). Phase Two will consist of the preparation and composition of the UDO update based upon the recommendations within the Report and a list of specific corrections provided by County staff.

In tandem with development of the new Comprehensive Plan, a significant rewrite of the UDO is anticipated to take into account new planning policies and address more substantive structural issues with the UDO.

Phase One:

           Lancaster County UDO Assessment  (August 26, 2021)

Phase Two:

          UDO Update Timeline
(January 22, 2022)