Mobile Home Information

Mobile homes being set up in Lancaster County  If you are placing your home on a site where your sewer system will be a septic tank, you must be sure your site is suitable for placement of a septic tank. The originating county will give you a moving permit. You must present this permit to our staff in order to secure a set up permit.

If you are moving a mobile home from your site to another site outside Lancaster County, you must visit our office to secure a moving permit. Before we can issue the moving permit, all outstanding taxes will have to be paid on the mobile home. Our office will provide you with a form and guide you through the process. You will need to visit several county offices to get this form completed. This process can be time consuming.

If you are demolishing a mobile home or removing it to an approved landfill, you must have a demolition permit from our office. To get this permit, if you are the legal owner, you must bring proof of ownership, such as a title. If you are acting as the legal owners agent, you must bring that proof of ownership plus a notarized authorization form found on our "forms" page available on our website. Additionally, you will be required to pay all outstanding taxes before the permit can be issued. Our office will provide you with a form and guide you through the process. This process can be time consuming.

If you are buying or selling a mobile home and not relocating it but need to change the ownership for tax purposes, bring a copy of the title transfer receipt from the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) to our department and we will issue a change of ownership permit and new mobile home sticker. As before, all taxes must be paid before the change of ownership can be completed.

Information for Manufactured (Mobile Home) Permits

Documents Required For Submittal:
Bill of Sale or Title to the Manufactured Home. Additional drawings for any porches, decks or garages to be attached to the home.

Contractors must be licensed by the state of South Carolina and must be current. Any sub contractors must also be licensed. Manufactured home installers are licensed by the state of South Carolina. Installers are to be licensed by the State of South Carolina.

South Carolina law section 40-59-260 allows an owner to act as his/her own contractor in an owner occupied house. This does not apply to rental property. An owner-contractor affidavit must be completed and filed with the permit application. Any con-tractors hired must be licensed in South Carolina. The law states that the home to be constructed must be the personal residence of the owner and will not be sold or rented for a period of two years. This includes new construction, additions, finishing unfinished area or renovation.

Residential Specialty Contractors:
Residential Specialty Contractors are independent contractors who are not licensed as a home builder in South Carolina. They may contract with a licensed home builder, general contractor or homeowner for work when the total cost for the work including labor and materials exceeds two hundred ($200) dollars. Work exceeding five thousand ($5,000) requires an executed bond with surety to be filed with the SC Building Codes Council. Residential specialty contractors may be licensed in up to three (3) of the following areas and other areas as noted by the SC Building Codes Council:

  • Plumbers                                                                                
  • Heating and air conditioning installers and repairers
  • Vinyl and aluminum siding installers
  • Insulation installers                                                                
  • Floor covering installers                                                         
  • Dry wall installers                                                                    
  • Stucco installers
  • Electricians
  • Roofers
  • Masons
  • Carpenters
  • Painters/wall paperers                                                                      

Residential specialty contractors cannot be the main contractor on any addition or new construction.

Required Inspections for Manufactured Home Placement:

Saw Pole: We do not allow saw poles for mobile homes due to the rapid nature of set up and completion. ,

Footing: Before concrete is placed in a trench. Required building setbacks are also verified at this time. A compaction  test may be required if the project is not on undisturbed soil. This inspection is done if you have a curtain wall or are pouring pier footers

Final: As the name implies, everything is completed and the house has no work left to do. Exterior rough grading as well as seed and straw or sod (depending on your lot requirements) has been applied. Items to be inspected follow:

Tie Downs installed. Number and location to be completed in accordance with the manufacturers set up manual or state requirements if no manual available.

Plumbing supply and drain lines connected to home. Septic tank (if required) to be installed and a copy of the completed approved permit left for the inspector in the inside electrical panel.

6 mil poly vapor barrier installed in the crawl space with all vegetation removed under the poly. The dead vegetation si a fire hazard. Poly to be lapped a minimum of 6 inches and taped.

Underpinning or curtain wall completed and a minimum 18 x 24 inch side hinged access door provided. Removeable panels are not considered access doors.

Landings at all exit doors with a minimum 3 x 3 foot landing. If the landing is over thirty (30) inches from grade, you must pro-vide guardrails. Steps over three (3) treads high including the deck surface must have a handrail in place. Electrical service equipment( meter base and electrical panel at exterior are to be installed and all wiring completed inside the home. Please remove the interior panel cover for inspection.
No placement of furniture or other use of the house is to occur prior to Final inspection. After successful final inspection, we will issue a Certificate of Occupancy.

If all inspections are completed , we will forward utility authorization to the proper authority.

Schedule an Inspection:
You may schedule online if you have signed up, created an account and have a permit or you may call our office at (803) 285-1969. You will need to know the project address, permit number and contractors name to set up an inspection. Inspections may be scheduled up to 3:00PM on the business day prior to your inspection need. Normally, if we receive your request by 3:00PM today , we will conduct the inspection tomorrow. In rare cases due to volume or the office being closed, we may have to bump your inspection to the second day. Due to the large volume of requests, we are not able to grant appointments for inspection. You do not need to be present if we have access to the area the inspection is requested. We urge you to use our online portal to schedule your inspection. It is easier for you and us and your results will be emailed to you. All pets should be confined or restrained at the time of inspection. Help us keep our inspectors safe !

Mobile Home Set Up information

We have provided a guide to set up mobile homes. It is for information only and does not supersede the manufacturer set up manual.