Our Creed
It Is Our Duty To Provide You With A Fair and accurate Investigation
It Is Our Honor To Do So With Pride, Honesty, And Integrity 
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Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide the citizens of Lancaster County the most thorough investigation possible to determine the cause and manner of death of a loved one.  We strive to continually better ourselves through education and training.  It is our commitment to always go above and beyond what is expected to better serve the citizens of Lancaster County and address their needs in a time of loss. We pride ourselves on helping our families cope with death and understanding the processes that follow in the months after.

The current location of our facility and the staff was a vision for many years for Coroner Mike Morris and his Deputy Coroners.  Once bound to a single room as office space, using the morgue at Springs Memorial Hospital with limited holding, and limited funding for additional full time staff, the duties of being Coroner and a Deputy Coroner were becoming almost unbearable as the population of the county grew.  While other agencies were growing in numbers with the needs of the public, it seemed as though there wasn't much thought being given to the simple fact that with population growth, there also comes an increase in death.  The vision slowly began coming to fruition in July of 2007 when Mike was approved to add a full time position for a Chief Deputy Coroner and graduated to a two room office space.  A full time Administrative Assistant was added in March 2010.  Mike and his staff graduated from the two  room office space to a new facility that boasts 5 offices, an evidence room, a conference room, and a fully equipped morgue that proudly earned the honors of being the third Coroner facility in the state to be approved by Life Point as an eye and tissue procurement site.  

Karla Knight Deese

Jennifer Collins
Chief Deputy Coroner 

Arntearreus Richardson
Deputy Coroner

Lynette Walker
Deputy Coroner

Joey Edwards
Deputy Coroner

John Collins
Deputy Coroner

COVID Update:
Current office status is open for business.  Response to call status will always remain active 24/7, with full investigative and transport staff.
The Coroner’s Office lobby will be restricted to no more than TWO people at one time.  Multiple family members will no longer be allowed to view decedents at LCCO.  (*Please make viewing arrangements with the funeral home of your choice for viewing.) 
If you are required to make a required positive identification, ONE person will be allowed to do so.  You will be escorted to the viewing window and allowed to view, confirm or deny identification, and complete any paperwork required.